Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What A Wonderful Life Part 2

Just a recap on whats been going on in my life...we went to California on an incentive trip for Brad's work. it was amazing! they put us up in a beautiful hotel, and paid for pretty much everything. We even learned how to build professional sandcastles! It was a lot of fun. Mack came along and was the hit of the entire trip! Mack is standing up and looks like he is about to take off walking! He is talking up a storm and is getting into everything! It is so much fun to be a mom! Today he just barely started waving bye bye! Yesterday, Brad and I just started the MAJOR FACELIFT if you will on our yard! Ripping out trees and getting my yard preped for building a fence! The official countdown til my April cruise is 27 DAYS!!

Mack just ate a blue Robins Egg :)

He loved the Easter Bunny!

He loves his baths in the sink!

This is by far my favorite picture taken recently!

He is so cool in his sunglasses!