Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm HOME!!!

Wow...a week and 10 pounds later (or so it feels), I am finally home from my wonderful Caribbean cruise! Here is a little recap of what I did...
1. Cozumel Mexico-Our first stop...we didnt do much except for shop around. Although...the highlight of my trip...I got to play with a spider monkey!!! It was sooo cool. The little thing was climbing all over me!

2. Roatan, Honduras-This was the most beautiful place that we went to on our tour!! While me and Kay laid on a beautiful, white sand beach, the boys went scuba diving. Then we had our driver drive us around the island and showed us different spots, including one of the LDS churches.

3. Progreso, Mexico-We drove 2 hours to the Mayan ruins, Chichen-Itza. There, we hired an LDS tour was absolutely amazing. He told us first the popular archeological theories on everything, and then told us the LDS point of view. let me give an example...There is this building called Templo de los Guerreros, or temple of the warriors. surrounding the buildings are tons and tons of columns, that it was said to be a roadway to the marketplace. In reality, there are exactly two thousand columns, all with warriors carved in each one. LDS point of view? A tribute to the two thousand stripling warriors! Absolutely amazing. It was very spiritual. After leaving there, we had our driver take us to the LDS temple in Merida.

It was a lot of fun, but it is really great to be home. Lots to do starts this week, lots of yard work to do, and real life to get back to.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ok...I'm really not good at thinking of cute and creative titles for my posts! But there is lots to write about today since I haven't in a few days. First off, my favorite show is now over for the season...for those of you who are Biggest Loser fans, I think we all really enjoyed to season finale last night. So why can't I do it? Why can't I lose 112 pounds in 6 months!!! I'll tell you why...I'm not working out 6+ hours a day with professional trainers, having people stock my fridge with healthy food, and I definitely don't have a $250,000 incentive to win!! Nevertheless, I think it is amazing that they did it! Alli won and looked absolutely amazing! Anyway...official countdown til the cruise: 4 days!! Then I start summer school the week after i get back. I don't know how I'm going to last a week without contact with Mack!! Speaking of my son...these three pictures are my new recent favorites. He rode the four wheeler with his grandpa for the first time on Monday. The other two are just him playing in the grass. I swear he is going to start walking while I'm gone...devastating! Tomorrow...hours and hours of yard work!! Hopefully we will finally be able to make a dent on all that we have to do! But more on that tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call me a nerd...

Ok so call me a weirdo...but I LOVE American Idol this season. Just got done watching it on the wonderful technology called TiVo (I couldnt live without it) and David Archuletta was absolutely AWESOME tonight! Next on my list to watch tonight...Biggest Loser! haha so now I seem like I don't have a life...we'll you're pretty much right! Although Brad and I did go on a double date last night with a couple that we have just become friends with, and I kicked BUTT at bowling! Brad's score of the night...48!! He blames It on the fact that he forgot to bring his own ball :) On another great note tonight...I got another HUGE bin of clothes for Mack from a friend. And in it was this great hat :) He looked absolutely studly in it! Oh and my favorite picture of the weekend is Mack dressed up in his entire Mariners outfit...he looks AWESOME! By the way, I got to go to the Sunday morning session of first time going. It was absolutely amazing. I have never felt the spirit so strong when the Prophet walked into the conference center, and everyone immediately quieted and stood up. It was amazing!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Other Kids...

I just barely realized that I dont ALWAYS have to write about Mack. Instead, this time I'll write about my awesome kids at school! We had a field trip the other day and went was so much fun! I don't think people always realize how awesome the kids in the special ed class are...not to mention how awesome they are at bowling! One of my downs kids broke 100! granted...she had bumpers...but I use them sometimes too and can't even get that high of a score!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Funny Joke!

Two Reasons why its so hard to solve a redneck murder...

1. The DNA all matches and...
2. There are no dental records


Not Much New

The after picture for his first haircut!

There isn't much new going on in the life of the Browns. Mack is just about to take off walking though. He is still standing up all by himself, but he is just a little too chicken to take a step. Im betting he is walking by the time we go on a cruise in 2 1/2 weeks! Scary stuff! And we gave him his his first haircut over the weekend!! (shown in the picture)! oh and he is totally going to be a lefty! (Awesome for sports!) Brad already said that we are getting a pitching coach for him as soon as he play tee ball. Tomorrow the hard work continues on our quaint little home...for those of you who dont know, we are totally redoing the yard, building a fence and a shed, ripping out all the sweet 70's shag carpet and replacing it with new carpet and laminant, redoing our bathroom, painting, etc...lots to do! but so much fun since we are doing it all ourselves. I'm sure i will put up before and after pictures as we get going since we are just starting! Oh and city league softball starts soon for brad!