Monday, September 28, 2009

Check out a new fun blog that I started:

It's just some fun one-liners that me and Nikki come up with in our everyday banter. If you guys have any that you think would be awesome, send them to me on here or on facebook and I will put them on there! Love you all!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This weekend has been one of definite self-reflection. I LOVED the relief society broadcast last night! These are a few of the things I got from it:

  • THe biggest thing I got from Sister Beck's Talk: Never suppress a generous thought
  • The biggest thing from sister Allred's talk: my relief society attendance will bless me, but my PARTICIPATION in Relief Society will bless the whole church.
  • The biggest thing I got from Sister Thompson's talk: I need to ACCEPT Heavenly Father's love, and by doing that I can love myself and others.
  • The biggest thing I got from President Eyring's talk: Charity Never Faileth!
I have realized this weekend that I have many things to work on about myself as a person, wife, and mother. How can I turn feelings of inadequacy into something motivational?

Well I've made a resolution based on each of the main points I got from the talk last night.
  • Whenever I think something nice about someone else, I'm not going to just keep the thought in my head. I'm just going to say it.
  • I am going to make a real effort to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in Relief Society. This includes going to activities, and doing my visiting teaching.
  • I will make a real effort to love others around me and hopefully become less judgmental, cynical, and aggressive.
  • And the last thing I will make an effort to do, is look for ways each day to serve those around me.
If you catch me doing things that are contrary to my goals above, please call me on it! It's going to take a HUGE effort on my part, but these are things that I really want and need to change. Really, I just want to be more like all of you guys! I really look up to you all. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come on this cruise with us!!!

Come on everyone...we want you guys to come on a cruise with us! Here are the details:

What: Royal Caribbean Cruise on the BIG ship
When: November 29-December 6
Where: To and From Miami, FL and goes to Cozumel, Mexico, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Belize City, Belize
How Much: $480 plus taxes and airfare

If you guys want to go, email me at or call me at 801.473.8940 so I can help you book it! I can either send you the link or I will do it all for you. This is the PERFECT christmas present!!!

Here are a picture of our stops...Cozumel (Top), Belize City (Middle), and Costa Maya (Bottom)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Book List

So I've been in sort of a readying frenzy lately...I have had so much time on my hands since I only have class 2 days a week, and we're not in our new house yet, and I'm not teaching piano out in Tooele yet. So I've been reading a ton! Here are some of my new recommendations:

  • James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series: they are murder mysteries, not a lot of language or sex which is nice, and there is a little bit of romance in them. But they will definitely keep you on your toes! That and I LOVE that James Patterson's chapters are like 2 pages long, which makes it easier to put down during an interruption (aka kids or husbands or housework) There are 8 books right now in the series, and I have read the 1st 5. They are definitely like one day reads!
  • The Jester by James Patterson: This one is placed in the time of the Crusades in France and it is an action novel with a lot of romance. The downside to it is there is quite a bit of language, and a bit more sex in it. But the storyline is a great one!
  • Lie Down with Lions by Ken Follet: This is a modern day love story/war story about a CIA agent and a russian spy in love with the same woman. It's placed in Afghanistan and has a lot of history about the afghan people which I really liked. Like the Jester, there is more language and sex in it, but is definitely a thriller.

If you guys have any other books you love, let me know. I've made a nice, long booklist for myself. I love murder mysteries and thrillers mostly, but it's always nice to have a little love story in it too. I will probably continue to give my book recommendations as I keep reading!