Monday, May 26, 2008

Been a while!

Ok so it's been quite a while since I've blogged...I'm letting all you readers down (or so my beautiful cousin Jeanne says). So I thought I'd do a quick recap of the last week or so.

1. Mack got his first two teeth FINALLY after months and months of teething...his top two are about to cut through.

2. Brad and Scott almost have our entire fence done!! This week it should be finished! It is pretty awesome. I finally have a private backyard!

3. I signed up for 3 races in the next 3 I realized, I BETTER START RUNNING!!! So me and Nikki ran 4 1/2 miles on our first time running again! It felt great!!!

4. Mack went swimming in my inlaws pool...he ended up skinny dipping!

5. Mack had his 9 month checkup...he was 75% in height, and 25% in weight.

6. We went to Brad's grandparents graves for Memorial was really cool because we took Mack and got a picture of Mack on the head stone of his namesake. It was really cool. We also went to this really old pioneer cemetary in Porterville, Ut. It was awesome to see the different graves marked of the people that came across the planes.

7. I had my first official Mother's Day! Nothing too special, Brad had to work of course because it's the second busiest day of the year. but he is building me my fence as a present!

8. I had my 22nd birthday! Again, nothing special. it was actually just like any normal Wednesday, but as they say in the primary song, "one year older and wiser too" I must be getting wiser! Birthday presents include a little bit of $$ and a gift certificate to Home Depot!!! Oh and a super cute necklace that Linds gave me...wear it all the time!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Promise I'm Not A Violent Person

WARNING: This is just me venting and probably blowing everything out of proportion. :)

Ok...worst day in a long time. So frustrated, but all I can do it sit at home. WANT TO HEAR? Well it all started last night, when I didn't get any sleep because we took our other dog home from Brad's parents house for the first time, since he was getting neutered today. (Bad day for him too :)) Anyway, he wined all night, so I only got about 5 hours of sleep, compared to my 8 I normally get. So I had to wake up extra early this morning to take him to the vets and drop him off. Once I got home, I had a long day of stuff planned to do for example:
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Bank Run
  • Running
  • Clean my House
  • Finish the Laundry
  • Measure my Yard for Fencing Supplies
  • Weeding
And much much more...So what happened to make it such a horrible day? When I dropped the dog off at the vets, I had to give them my cell number so they could call me when he was ready to be picked up. Well, my BRAND NEW cell phone froze up this morning. So I hurried and ran it to the Lehi Sprint store for them to reset. Well, they made it so you can't even turn it on, and said, "OH SORRY YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT TO THE OREM STORE!" I hurried and drove down to the Orem store, riding in a car with a screaming child for 25 minutes because you're always in back of the SLOWEST DRIVER IN UTAH when you're in a hurry. Got to the Orem store where they told me, "Sorry, you're account is MIGRATING (whatever the HECK that means) and we can't even look at your phone until Friday, to tell you if you need a new one." So after they heard an ANGRY earful, I came over to my inlaws, where I now have to sit and wait around for the Vet to call me so that I can go and pick up my dog. (For those of you who are wondering, I don't have a home phone, or I would be sitting at my house at least trying to get things done.)