Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Recap:

For Father's Day, we went to a friends baby blessing/BBQ, then we drove to Orem to Brad's parents house for dinner.  Mack gave Brad a brand new Rigid Shopvac, and we gave Scott a scrapbook with old newspaper articles that his parents were mentioned in.  He'd never seen the articles.  Then Mack got a haircut, which he hates, and we went home.  It was overall a great day.

Brad sat on this chair, and then it broke.  Notice the big HUGE rip in the seat.  Glad it wasn't me.

Mack's haircut (unfinished of course)...he hates them.  This is his old man hairdo.

Monday Recap:

On Monday, Mack and I met my beautiful mother, Courtney, Nikki and her kids, and a great old friend/former babysitter from Spokane at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake.  It's my new favorite park by the way.  The kids LOVED it, and we had a great time getting to see Shannon after YEARS.
Playing in the creek at the park

He could throw rocks in the water for HOURS

Toy Story 3 Recap:

So we've been trying to talk up Toy Story to Mack for about a year now.  We bought him the first two movies, which he became obsessed with, and to feed his obsession more...well just look...
Yes, he was dressed as Buzz Lightyear when we went to go see the movie.  We bought him Buzz wings and wrist lasers.

I just love that Brad is smiling in this picture.  I'm huge and pregnant, but Brad looks great :)

Been a great week so far!  Only 8 more weeks to go on this pregnancy...I'm working as hard as I can to get things ready for her. 

  • I'm now addicted to  You can type someones name in, and if there was ever a mention of that name in a Utah Newspaper EVER, it will bring up a scanned copy of the newspaper article.  SO COOL! will get hooked.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!  

They got to play baseball...and it was sunny.  It was a great Father's Day.  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last summer I found these great solid wood stools at a garage sale.  I got all 3 for just $20!  So when I moved into our new house, I decided I would paint them black to go better with my kitchen.  I've never done anything with spray paint before...


Step #1: Primer

Step #2: Spray Black

And after lots of sanding, numerous coats, 6 cans of spray paint later, and finally 3 top coats, they were done.


I've decided I'm not patient enough to do projects like this.  It was definitely a lot more work than I thought, and I've discovered that I'm too anal about little imperfections in my work.  BUT I think they look much better in my kitchen.  Yay for them being done!
Yesterday, Brad started doing prep work on our yard so we could actually put in a yard.

Yard Before Pic:

Part 1:

Yes, he feels very many using the tractor.  But his allergies just about killed him.

Break #1:

Then lunch...

Then Break #2:

Scotts turn on the tiny couch
He took more naps yesterday than he does on Sundays.

Part 2:

Front yard...


Now I can actually see what we have to work with.  Can't wait to start the next step!  ( aka Sprinkler system)
Mack had fun helping Dad in the yard at my moms house a few weeks ago.  

He INSISTED on wearing gloves, just like dad. 

I'm adding future landscaper to his list of future professions. (According to his interests, he will also be a janitor, a baseball player, and a chef.  Let's hope whatever he does can pay for a nice retirement home for me someday.)

Baby Beckham had his blessing a few weeks go.  Isn't he adorable?

This picture shows just how big he is...he's busting out of his outfit!

Grandma Annie is a favorite for all the grandkids.

So cute (did I mention he was popping out of his outfit?)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ok, so I know this isn't the best picture ever taken.  Mack has a weird smile on his face, Brad of course has NO smile on his face, and it's blurry.  THe point of this picture then?  THey were twinners yesterday for church.  Green ties, white shirts, black pants, and black shoes.  It's the only way Mack would get dressed for church without being hysterical...Daddy had to dress like him.  And to top it all off, he had to wear  a squirt of Brad's Armani Cologne.