Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mexican Riviera Part I

Hey Guys! So we had a blast on our trip! We had to drive a 15 passanger van down to Long Beach...it was long and packed in our car! And when we got to LA, our hotel was pretty much in the most ghetto part of town. But we did go to a Dodgers game...tons of fun!

The first day we got on the boat we had to do that stupid muster thing where everyone has to get their life jackets on and go find their assigned life boat...Mack liked wearing his life jacket for just a minute...

Our first at sea day...didn't get to lay out much because if you hadn't noticed...my son is kind of fair skinned...but he did make friends with a little kid at the pool. This kid was definitely friendly...he loved giving Mack hugs...although Mack did not so much like it after a while :)

Then that first at sea day we had the first formal night and got all dressed up for pictures.

Our first port was Cabo San Lucas. We got on a boat and went to the beach. It was pretty laid back and we really enjoyed ourselves. Mack was so hot so he loved getting in the water.

I will post more on the second half of the vacation tomorrow probably!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Road to Skinny Continues!!! And other things too...

So I had my first official appointment today where they did another body composition! I have lost a total of 10 pounds for this last month...8.8 pounds of it was body fat!!! AWESOME! This week has been absolutely crazy...thats what I hate about leaving on vacation. It's almost to stressful the week you leave and the week you come back to even be worth it! plus...traveling with a group of 25 doesn't exactly strike me as relaxing and carefree! Oh well...I'm off to Mexico! We leave tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday the 28th! So I guess I will just enjoy getting an end-of-summer tan! Love you all!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Road To Skinny

Just an update...I went in to weigh in this morning, and lost another 1.8 pounds. Doesn't sound like much, but I've lost a total of 7 lbs in 3 weeks so I'm feeling pretty good! Plus I'm back into my normal jeans and officially out of my FAT jeans :) Still got a ways to go, but not a bad start! Plus...ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW I LEAVE FOR MY CRUISE! See the urgency on my road to skinny? Love everyone!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye summer!

So this morning after Bradley left for work, he sent me a text saying he saw snow on the side of the road...so I'd like to officially say...GOODBYE SUMMER! But, we had a great end to the summer! Mack had his first birthday...so we threw a great party! We had his grandparents there, all his aunts and uncles, and a few of our awesome friends! Among the great gifts he got...a basketball hoop, a wagon, a few baseball bats, and many many more awesome toys! Thanks to everyone for loving our son (almost) as much as we do! Now its time to buckle down for school...piano lessons start this week, and I have lots to do...once again! NEVER A REST!

These boys are so funny!! They are loving the wagon Mack got!

His awesome baseball cake...funfetti on the inside of course!

Sitting on top of his basketball hoop right after he opened it! Our cute family!

He's shooting hoops...he thinks he's so awesome when he dunks the basketball! Of course it doesn't help his ego when we make a big deal about it every single time he does it :) He even claps at himself!

P.S. I got really sick on friday...when I had to pay $450 on books for 3 FREAKING CLASSES!!!