Monday, January 12, 2009

Mack is in his snow clothes that he got for christmas...even though right now he hates the snow!

Okay, so I'm know I'm a major slacker! I haven't posted anything at all lately. I didn't want to do anything all break long...I just hung out a home with Mack and enjoyed having NOTHING to do. I am now back in school and it's already feeling a bit crazy. Here are a few pictures from christmas...
He did NOT like Santa...We saw him 3 times over christmas, two times it being my dad and he still didn't do very well. This was the one time I refused to sit on the lap with him though so he's totally freaking out!

This is Mack's awesome new four wheeler! He doesn't know how to turn he will run into the wall and then someone needs to point him in another direction so he can go straight again. P.S. Not really sure what face he is's a cross between constipation and a half smile...

Me and Mack are doing the Wii Fit game ever by the way!

I have to at least have ONE of me and Brad in a post...this is Christmas morning at the inlaws!