Friday, June 19, 2009


Hello All!!

The green square on the map with where we're even looks boring on the map

Big news...just to let everyone know, I am officially becoming a hick. Yep...thats if Lehi wasn't "small town" enough, Brad got his big promotion out to TOOELE UTAH. 53 minutes away from our house, and in Utah's tiny town Brad is going to be running the KFC/Taco Bell. This means:

A. We will be selling our house
B. I will have to commute to my last semester of school
C. I will have to learn to cook
D. We will be buying a better house there (because its cheap cheap cheap!)

We actually are really excited to become a little more independent, and to open the next chapter in our lives, even if it is in Tooele.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls Trip 2009

Hey guys~

So I know this is almost a month behind, but I'm playing catchup. We had SOO much fun in Seattle for our girls trip! We stayed in the Amazing Woodmark hotel in downtown Kirkland and we fit about a weeks worth of stuff into 3 days. It was beautifully choreographed for sure! And a huge thanks to Kelsey for letting us borrow "the Beast"!!!

Me and Nikki in the room

At El Azteca for Lunch! One of the many great places we HAD to eat while we were there!(Thanks Alli for the picture...I stole it from your blog!)

Us girls down in Downtown Seattle

On our awesome "tourist" boatride...These were the most charming floating houses!!! I want one....only like $500k for the cheapest one!

Us girls finding things to do while mom was at the spa

On the Kirkland Waterfront

What a beautiful parting sight of Mt. Reineer from my airplane window!
We found some great shopping, ate at some of our favorite places (sadly we couldn't make it to all of them...), and saw our favorite girls!!! Thanks mom for a great birthday and girls trip!