Friday, June 27, 2008

An update on the Brown Family

Some fun things this week...WE FINALLY FINISHED THE FENCE!!!!! After like 2 months of working on it 1 day a week...its finally finished! Even though the stain turned out to be near disaster, I don't think I really care at this point if my fence is red or not! Want to hear something embarrassing? Brad dragged me to Macey's Grocery store a few days buy what you might ask? Just look at the picture...

It's hard to tell in the picture, the camera couldn't fit it all in there. That is 35 TWELVE PACKS OF PEPSI IN THE BACK SEAT OF HIS CAR! Now, most people have a 2 year supply of food storage. We have a freakin 2 year supply of Pepsi...yeah...that will help us out a lot in a natural disaster! He had to stock up his Pepsi Closet (yes, its sad to say, we have one in our house...).

On more exciting and less embarrassing news, Mack took 3rd place in the Lehi Roundup Baby contest and he and I get to be in the parade tonight! It actually said on the paper about the parade, "All children must be accompanied by an adult..." DUH! Like I'd say..."Ok Mack, here's the float, best of luck! See you at the end!" Yeah right...silly people. But you know that's in there because someone tried it once! I can't believe how big Mack is getting...he is walking EVERYWHERE!!! I can't get anything done!

And on one more pity note...I have been doing homework nonstop for the last week it seems like. I've got my group presentation in my marketing class on monday, and my first calculus test on tuesday...this weekend is going to be busy! (not to mention brad is making me going to his 5 year class reunion tomorrow...)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ode to Megs...She's getting married in the morning!

Us at Sundance when I took her up snowboarding for her first time!

So me and megs have had some fun sin
gle times over the years...just thought I'd reminisce before her big day tomorrow! We met in sophomore PE, where I convinced her to play volleyball instead of soccer...GOOD TIMES volleyball was...we have been inseparable ever since! Then we came down to school together in Utah, where she met her future hubby Nate. We enjoyed the single life after our missionaries left. We had bon fires in the canyon, funny girls nights with Aubrie and Erica, and loved talking about one day when her missionary got home...then I went and got married. It was the coolest thing though...her whole family drove all the way down from Seattle just to go to my wedding...out of all of the people at the temple, I was most greatful that her parents could be there. She's told me that when her parents were walking out of the temple at my wedding, she remembers thinking she has never seen them so happy. I know you're dad will be there tomorrow megs!!! Megs has always been there for me through all of my life's stages that i'm going through. I love megs like she is my sister!! Here are some of my favorite pictures...

One of our fun nights with Stevo...I'm driving my car by the way...

Our super fun weekend when Aubrie was in town...I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

We are such thugs...this is at one of the fun bonfires in the canyon right when we came down to school our freshman year!

Our awesome pyramid we did in Park City next to this random did I get stuck on the bottom?!

At my wedding...these are my girls!!!!!!!

So as you see...we've had some really fun times...there were so many pictures I couldn't put them all in. But megs will always and forever be my best girlfriend (because mine and her best friend should be our husbands...)! CONGRATULATIONS TO MRS. MEGAN NICOLE HYMAS!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Highlights

This is my first cake...not too bad for my very first time! It tastes even better than it looks! And it was 100% homemade!

Just a few highlights from my weekend...

1. It was PERFECT weather...FINALLY!
2. Mack learned how to swing a baseball bat all by's so cute!
3. Bought more flowers for my yard
4. My cake decorating class...we learned how to do stars, dots, and writing...then we made character cakes! It was pretty fun...I still need a lot of practice though!
5. Went to breakfast with Megs and Erica at Magleby's was YUMMY! Then we went shopping for a bit!
6. Entered Mack into a baby contest at the last minute...didn't win, but it's ok! He is still my little buddy!
7. Went hot tubbing with Mack and Brad...Mack
8. Brad's first official Father's Day! (and he got his new calling...introducing the new 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency)

10 Things I've Learned From Being A Mom

I have learned TONS from becoming a are the top ten:

I have learned:

To always accept the soggy cheerios from a toddler’s outstretched hand…they are unprompted tokens of affection and appreciation.

That when blowing bubbles with your toddler, they stick to shag carpet REALLY well...(thanks to my house built in the 50's and remodeled in the 70's, I have shag carpet everywhere!)

That dirt will not kill you if you eat it...I turned out ok when I ate it, so I can't stress about every single thing that my son decides to put in his mouth...only the dangerous stuff!

There is no greater joy than the sound of your child’s giggles, especially when it happens because Daddy or Grandpa did something funny and childish.

Watching my husband getting excited because he can bring Teddy Grahams home from work now for his kid, or he can start teaching him how to play catch makes me fall in love with him all over again!

Fishy crackers and cheerios never get old

Mammy kisses are magic.

Nothing can prepare you for the heartbreak of hearing or seeing your child in pain, especially when it’s a pain that you can’t make go away with magic kisses.

My heart is bigger than I could have ever imagined.

That my own mom was even more amazing that I ever realized, because now, I understand.

I know that it's fathers day, and I have had such a wonderful father who has taught me sooo much in my lifetime. Now I have Brad who is such a great father for our son Mack. I have just learned so much from these last 9 months, especially since my son is doing new things every single day. I'm very greatful for both of my parents!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video of Mack Walking!

Not that anyone cares at all, but Mack is just starting to walk! At first we could only get him to walk on the grass, because he hates to crawl on the grass, but now if we bribe him, we can get him to walk a little bit indoors too! Here is a video of him showing his grandma and grandpa how he was their first time seeing and we practiced lots at the park before we showed them!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Steps!

Just a quick update!!! Mack took his very first step today! He did just one step at a time and would then fall down, but he did it a couple of times so I know it just wasnt a one time fluke! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Events to Look Forward To:

This is the extent of my cake decorating ability...pretty pathetic! Hope
fully I'm better after the class that I take!

Ok so I've got a few events that I'm excited we go:

1. My students Piano recital this Friday-They are so ready and are getting pretty anxious for it!

2. Draper 10k trail run this Saturday at 8am-Come watch me finish! I will be the one bringing up the rear!!!

3. Cake Decorating Class start this Saturday from 5-7pm-I'm taking a 4 week cake decorating class!!! I figured I could learn a new talent, and if I'm good at it, I could make some good $$$ at it one day!! Very excited! If anyone wants to take it with me, its $20 plus $37.50 for the cake decorating kit, for 4 weeks at the Roberts Crafts in Orem!! It's going to be lots of fun!

4. 10 Miler race down Provo Canyon June 14th! I need someone to run it with me!

5. MEGANS WEDDING!!!!! Holy cow...I'm SUPER excited for this one! She is going through the temple on the 19th, and gets married the 20th! I'm just going to tag along and be there for the whole darn thing!

6. Summer block starts for me at UVU on the 19th! Been a year since I've gone to school...uh oh!

Anyway, Lots of fun things going on this month! Very exciting!

P.S. Started my very first garden...more on that to come!