Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruise Part 2

The second part of our cruise was just as fab as the first part!  Although, it was cold and rainy.  

Our second port was Boston!  Brad's major to do in Boston was tour Fenway Park where the REd Sox play.  They are his favorite team.  It was a very cool field!

Our last port was Newport, RI.  I was so excited for this port.  And then it poured and poured while we were there, so we had to change our plans.  I want to go back there someday so we can do all the cute little shops, restaurants and tours they have there.  It was absolutely beautiful.

We ended up taking a small bus tour.  You see, Newport is a place where the rich (and I mean Vanderbilt rich)  have their summer "cottages".  Here are a few of the amazing mansions we drove past:

This by the way, IS the Vanderbilt's summer cottage.

We docked back in Baltimore and drove back up to Philly.  When we got there, we went and toured the Phillies ball field.  It was beautiful.  

Phillies press room 

The only reason we came home from vacation was because we missed our kids.  If we would have had them with me, we would never have come back.  

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